Even though we have spent a lot of time making sure that using our server provides the easiest way there is to build an application to answer telephone calls automatically, we know that some clients will not have the development resources to take on the job themselves. For those customers we can do custom development.

The quick way

To address a custom need, our preference is build a custom application to be hosted by our server. That will take us less time costing you less money. Your application can be built in any of the development languages which the server supports.

Of course, if you don't already have a license to the server, you'd need to purchase one.

The other way

Alternatively, we can build custom solutions that run in a Microsoft Speech Server environment. Please note that we are not a distributor of the Speech Server or of the hardware which it requires. In addition, note that your options as to development language are limited with MSS.

Please contact us with information about the kind of solution that you need and the environment in which it is to run for a quote.

Microsoft is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation

In short ...

  • We build custom IVR applications solutions to run in in our server.
  • We build custom IVR applications to run in MSS.
  • We won't build another custom IVR or sell the source to one. It would be too much work for us and too high a price for you.

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