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Top Stories

  • VOIP, SIP, Asterisk? Bien s?r! ...
    17 February 2007
    We have been asked a few times about whether our IVR is capable of answering calls which terminate on the open source PBX Asterisk from Digium. We used to think that our fondness for the Windows platform and Asterisk's for Linux would keep us apart. But not anymore.

    The Comisdn company sells a wonderful product which provides a means for our IVR to use the telephony resources hosted on any VOIP-based PBX, Asterisk included, as easily as if they were local devices.

    To pursue this option what you do is to install our IVR and Comisdn's TAPI telephony service provider (aka TSP in jargon) on a Windows platform and configure its TSP with the host name and credentials for your PBX. In such a configuration, your applications also run on the Windows machine unless they are written in Java in which case they can run anywhere you have a Java virtual machine.

    Now we can't say that we have any customers using this configuration yet, but we can say that we have tested such a setup in our office and everything that we have tried works: touch-tone detection, media streaming, text-to-speech, speech recognition, transferring and conferencing calls - it's all good!

    You'll find a description of Comisdn's product as well as ordering and information links on this page.
  • One mo' time ...
    21 January 2007
    We posted an update to our Call Simulator today. The previous version behaved pretty well when everything was done correctly or when it was faced with errors we had seen before but it wasn't very good at handling errors of the sort new IVR developers might make. For that we apologize. And while its artwork is still not final, a new and improved simulator is now available as a free download here.
  • September 90th comes ...
    15 December 2006
    and we finally posted our Call Simulator. When we said in August that it would be posted the following month we knew the schedule was squishy. We just didn't know to what extent life and work and one third-party bug would cause us to be late. In any case, even though the artwork is not final, a functional simulator is now available as a free download here.
  • From the sublime to the ridiculous ...
    4 October 2006
    or from C++ to ... (oh let's not offend anyone). In any case we have now posted at least one video for each of the development environments that we support as well as comprehensive help for every darned one. Access is via the Developers page.
  • That was easier ...
    26 September 2006
    We posted video tutorials on building applications with C++ and Delphi in the last few days. Access is via the Developers page.
  • There but for the grace ...
    13 September 2006
    It was a bit of a struggle for us, but we managed to do  a Quick-Start video on building IVR applications with Visual Basic and Visual Fox Pro even though we couldn't figure out how to use VFP's debugger. Access is via the Developers page.
  • Online Help
    8 September 2006
    We posted the online help for the Java and .Net environments today. Access is via the Developers page.
  • Our New Look
    21 August 2006
    Today our website got a makeover. We hope you like the new look. Truth be told, we hated the old look - both of them.
  • Our New Contact Information
    10 August 2006
    Our telephone number has changed. You can now reach us Monday through Friday at (360) 526-6862 during normal business hours, Pacific time.
  • Quick Start Video Tutorials
    19 July 2006
    Today we posted some video tutorials on developing applications using the most popular languages - Java and C#. They had better be the most popular languages because bloviating on video takes so much time.
  • It is about time
    1 July 2006
    Finally, no more development and testing of the server or the simulator. No one is happier about that than we are. On to video tutorials, help, revamping the website, and the installation program. Maybe we shouldn't be so happy after all ...
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Coming Attractions

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