Telephony Hardware

On this page you will find some information to help you choose hardware to use with our server or to determine if the hardware you already have is compatible with us.

Note that we neither sell nor recommend nor guarantee any particular hardware device. You'll need  to research whether the hardware that you buy suits your requirements.

Compatibility Information

Our server is capable of managing telephony devices which are compatible with version 2 of the Telephony Applications Programming Interface (TAPI).

A base level of TAPI support is bundled with the operating system.  In addition, any telephony device that you plan to use will likely require that you install a 'driver' called a Telephony Service Provider (TSP). You'll need to check with  the hardware vendor to insure that the device's TSP is compatible with version 2 of TAPI as well.

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Some popular options

  • For Single Line Installations
    Way2Call's Hi-Phone
    It's attractiveness is that it is a USB device so you won't need to open up the computer to install it. The downside is that you can not install multiple devices no matter how many spare USB ports you have.
  • For Medium Line-Density Installations
    CallUrl's TalkVoice 8LV
    Each of these boards support up to eight lines and you can install up to five of them on a system - assuming that you have the spare PCI slots. They also also sell two and four line boards. Their North American distributor is here
  • For High Line-Density Installations
    Cisco's CallManager
    This is an enterprise class voice over IP solution which scales nicely and which is capable of unifying voice, video and data (instant messaging) communication.

Some hardware that looks worthy of consideration

PBX-based hardware

  • Our IVR can interoperate with PBXs which are compatible with TAPI. These links describe the support for TAPI by several PBX vendors:
    Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens, ShoreTel
  • Our IVR can interoperate with PBXs which are compatible with SIP, such as Asterisk, by means of SIP Telephony Service Provider. 
    Using Asterisk

Notes on using voice modems

We don't recommend the use of voice modems but we know that some of our customers will use them. Sometimes customers use them to test an application while waiting for more capable equipment to be procured.

If you do deploy an application on a line managed by a modem bear in mind that it is generally not possible for software to 'listen to' and 'speak to' to the caller at the same time. Either operation will succeed alone, but software can't do both simultaneously. For that reason, speech recognition is generally not an option for an application which uses a voice modem because such an application needs to speak or play a prompt at the same time that it listens for the caller's response to it.

You should know ...

  • We don't sell hardware.
  • We aren't recommending one vendor over another.
  • We are simply pointing out some options.
  • You'll need to choose the best option for your enterprise.
  • If you deploy a device not listed here please let us know so that we can add a mention on this page.
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