The Quick Start videos provide an introduction to building IVR applications.

In Part 1 we discuss developing, deploying and debugging applications to run under our server and simulator and end with a two-line "Hello, World" application.

In Part 2 we modify an existing console application which displays weather forecasts for requested ZIP codes so that it takes its input from a telephone's keypad and speaks its results through a text-to-speech engine by adding two dozen or so lines of code.

In Part 3 we discuss Automatic Speech Recognition and modify the weather application again so that the caller can speak the ZIP code.

In Part 4 we discuss deploying applications remotely and modify the speech enabled weather application again so that it runs on a Linux host.

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You should know ...

  • that the videos demonstrate the development tasks common to all IVR applications
  • that they can only scratch the surface and more information is available in the help